I don't know, there's plenty of womens fights I'd watch over some of the lumbering heavyweight fights we've seen between blokes over the years.

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Holly Lawson

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KOs ?
Birth Place
Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
Division ?
Stance ?
145 lbs / 65.77 kg

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Boxrec: http://boxrec.com/boxer/547713

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Holly Lawson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Holly Lawson

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  1. holly lawson never won 2010 ca golden gloves. the real female winners are lakeshia whittaker 186 open division. kara potter 132lbs open division janelle gonzalez 125lbs o.d. courney ogawa 110lbs o.p. there held tulare ca. sorry for novice winner i didn’t mention. holly is illegal alien. she wants to inspire ans be role model with her lies she a pathological liar.she drank pepper roaches baby batter

  2. jamie mitchell def courtney ogawa & shanne ruelas def janelle gonzalez & katonya fisher def kara potter at norcal vs cencal boxoff. usa boxing has no record of holly lawson competing. holly don’t even know how set up her jab with footwork and she got head movement. watch jozette cotton vs holly lawson on youtube. if holly was there why do have michelle collonia novice division 165lbs & t.r.m. 152lbs o.d. both girls listed as unapposed

  3. usa boxing rules say you to be a u.s. citizen to compete in the golden gloves. jamie mitchell def cortney ogawa 110lbs & shanne ruelas def janell gonzalez 125lbs & katonya fisher def kata potter 132lbs open division.usa boxing has no record holly ever winning goldengloves